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    PVC Strip Rolls

    We offer a variety of PVC Strip Rolls in various common lengths and widths. Common Grades of pvc strips include standard and low temperature, amber weld and ribbed, safety orange and opaque amongst many more.

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    Welding Screens & Sheets

    Welding Screens are designed to protect passing employees or anybody adjacent to welding, grinding and cutting work areas, from the effects of welding flash, sparks and also for filtering harmful UV light

  • PVC Strip Door Curtains

    Industrial curtains provide space, heat and toxic containment barriers for several factories. It gives large manufacturing companies a great opportunity to save money by dealing with the problems brought about by drought and unnecessary heat loss

About PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are an outstanding and easy to install product for retaining cold or heat and separating rooms without restricting access. Our PVC Strip Curtains are used for various purposes across a wide range of industries.

PVC Strip Curtain solutions are the most cost-effective solutions to protect your employees & goods from difficult environmental conditions such as heat, cold, noise, dust, humidity, insects and draughts where uninterrupted passage is essential.

We offer a range of PVC / Plastic strip curtains to companies across the India. Our PVC Strip Curtains are custom made to fit your internal and external doorways.

We can supply the PVC strip curtain as a complete kit, all we need is the details of the door and we will work it out and send everything you will need for the job.

PVC Strip Curtains Types

Clear White PVC Strip Curtains

Clear grade PVC also offers good light transmission and is suitable for temperatures from +38Cthrough to -10C.

Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains

Suitable for welding protection, contains UV inhibitors which filter 99% of harmful UV light.

Cold Room PVC Strip Curtains

Cold temperature PVC strip curtain is suitable for refrigerated areas and remains unaffected in temperatures as low as -45 degrees.

Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtains

Insect Control PVC Strip Curtains are befitted to such windows and provide prevention from the entry of insects, birds

PVC Strip Curtains Advantages

:: Reduces Hot or Cold Air Loss
:: Restricts Movement of Air Pollutants
:: Transparency Promotes Safety
:: Provides Bird and Flying Insect Control
:: Isolates Noisy Machinery
:: Increases Employee Comfort
:: Easy to Install
:: Strong and Durable
:: Minimizes Maintenance

PVC Strip Curtains Application Areas

Pedestrian doorways, Loading bays, Cold rooms and cold storages, Welding bays, Paint and wash Bays, Food preparation areas, Automotive industrial units